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Various News Bits

The nasty stuff first: The county around my city was going to pass the toughest racist laws in the country so far and although they watered them down a bit after all the Latinos spoke (and the lawyers and the police department explained which parts are illegal from the feds), they're still at the top. What really annoyed me was this last bit:

Privately, though, several supervisors had expressed doubts about the implications of denying public services to immigrants. But given the political climate surrounding the issue, they said they felt compelled to back [the resolution's author].

The stupid stuff second: The WashPost gossip column tells us which songs candidates used around their speeches at the NEA convention. I think all of the people who used the Rocky theme should be automatically disqualified.

And the interesting stuff last: The WashPost had an article about Arthur Levine, the guy who bought J.K. Rowling when she was unknown.
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