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Day Three - Dust!

Boy, I should have guessed that cutting laminate would be this dusty, but I didn't. And I'm having some sort of automatic reaction where I have to keep washing my hands every time I touch things.

The scheduler told me they'd be here about 9:30am and would call before they came so I got up at 8am and after all the morning stuff, went back to sleep in the recliner. They called at 10am and got here at 10:30am. The kitchen is finished and all the rooms except my bedroom just need the edging bits. So tomorrow they'll finish the bedroom, put the edgings down, and put the vinyl in the bathrooms. I slept a couple hours while they were cutting laminate and banging planks into place. When I woke up, they told me they were amazed I could sleep. They dropped my USB hub when they moved the desk (the desk is very heavy -- they had to have two of them move one end, then the other end, etc.) and now it says it doesn't have enough power for the things I had plugged in. I checked all the plugs and they're okay, and I have USB openings on the back of the box for the things, so everything is attached. I should probably just buy a USB 2.0 internal hub anyway.

The cats were freaked. Spirit spent the day behind the water heater again. Giorgio and Shiva were okay behind the recliner (being the biggest piece of furniture here now) until the recliner had to be moved so the laminate could go in the living room. They both managed to squeeze into their castle, but Shiva soon dashed down the hall and hid in my bathroom. I went down the hall every so often talking to him and Spirit. Giorgio stayed in the castle, even when the flooring guy moved it all over the living room so he could work. As soon as the guys were gone, I got them clean food and water and plugged in their heating pad. Shiva immediately availed himself of those, but Spirit and Giorgio were looking around and around. They were startled that their back claws click on the floor. Spirit was prancing, trying not to make noise. They all had some sliding excitement.

My neck hurts -- the pillow I use in the recliner was in the dryer when I took my nap. Otherwise, I had to use a dust mask a couple of times when they ground woodwork, but things are okay. And the laminate looks great!
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