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Penultimate Day

I packed the jewelry boxes last night, but will have to use my little cart thing to get it out to the storeroom. I'll get that when I bring the suitcases in. I've already taken the trash and recycling out and finished with washing clothes. I've started on cat blankies. I'm going to keep the little typing table that the cats' heating pad is on. I don't know if they'll feel comfortable enough to be there while the guys are here, but they do spend time there at night and it's kind of their home base. It'll be easy enough to move around for the laminate and the painting. So what's left today is washing kitchen & bathroom towels and bedding, and packing. Plus reading the paper and online. I keep telling the cats we're sleeping in the recliner for the next week and a half, but I don't think they believe me.

We have fledgling mourning doves at the feeder! Mom and Dad are showing them how to step from the rail onto the edge of the feeder to eat, but two have decided it's too much and are eating the dropped seed from the porch. Shiva is exceedingly excited.
Tags: birds, renovations

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