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The Edges of Things by Lewis Shiner

This book is from Disclave 1991 - written by Author GoH Shiner and illustrated by Artist GoH Alicia Austin and slipcased. It's signed by them and Mark L. Van Name. I have the 579th of 600 copies. It was a gift at Capclave 2005 for people who had pre-registered and I've had it sitting on my night table all this time without reading it.

It turns out to be an interesting book. Most of the stories are what we would call slipstream today -- not clear SFF or Horror, but some combination. Shiner wrote introductions for each story and he has some recurring themes: dreams, falling in space, powerful women, and the twist ending. I enjoyed every story, even stayed up late to finish the last two last night. I doubt you can find a copy of this, but if you do, it's worth reading.
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