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Up Too Early

By the time I signed off last night, everything was spoken for from Craigslist but I had to get up at 9:30am to be awake enough by 10:30am when the first item was picked up. The next one was picked up at 11am, as they said. One more to be picked up at 11ish, and one this afternoon; one tomorrow. So when the guy for the microwave cart wasn't here by 11:10, I decided to sleep in the recliner for a while and he woke me up with a phone call at 12:35pm. He's a single guy company that fixes computers and he wasn't going to be able to come and I should give it to the next person. I got ready to go run some errands and got a call from the afternoon person -- she had gotten an important call and needed to wait for the followup. We worked out that I would go do errands (credit union, post office) and call her when I got back, which I did, and she's on her way over. I emailed the next person for the microwave cart and haven't heard back, but she did say she wanted to pick it up today in her initial letter.

I don't hurt as much as I did the last couple of days -- I tried to save these final days before the renovation for home things -- so that's good.

I heard back from the neuro and my level was 11.8 (therapeutic is 15-40) so I'll up another half for a week and then a whole. It's increasing relatively evenly -- on two pills I was at 8.4 and on three at 11.8. Maybe four will do it. She didn't answer my question about whether recognizing words meant it was better than before when I didn't recognize letters.

Tonight I'm going to pack my jewelry and put the box in the storeroom. I'm just more comfortable without it being on a truck. Then I'm going to boot up the notebook and see how many places I can get on Win95.
Tags: health, renovations

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