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The lady from the Transitional Housing called me today and said they don't need what I have to give. Such timing. So I spent the last couple of hours taking and editing pictures, uploading them, and putting them on Craigslist. It would help a lot if they were gone before Monday.

Today I also took all the change in the change bowl to the bank and got money (I realized last night that it would be stupid to have that packed), left shoes, glass and ceramic trinkets, and other miscellaneous things at the thrift store, took green_knight's book to the Post Office, left a large batch of CDs at the used book/CD store, did my phenobarb level lab, had lunch at Friday's -- half rack baby back ribs & a salad -- and went back to the used CD store and got a $40 check. I could have had more than twice that in store credit, but I don't buy used books by choice. Then I came home to deal with getting rid of this stuff. Hmph.

I'll write the neuro next, and then I'm going to make an illo of the shelves and how they should be packed in two separate series (TBR & Books) and what direction to pack them in. I need to remember to tell them about my anvil, too. It's a lot heavier than people expect.
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