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I Need a Nap

And I'll probably take one in a while. I got up late today and am still sleepy. I took the next set of books to the library where they hadn't emptied Friday's batch out of the cart (softsided, like a laundry cart) and someone had just dumped other books in without putting them in nice stacks, so I had to rearrange those so today's batch would fit in and they almost did. There's a few books on the top (why is the stupid LJ underlining words it thinks are spelled wrong? It's never done this before), but I don't think there will be a problem as long as someone empties it soon.

I mailed some CDs & cassettes off at the post office and had my routine lunch at Pizza Hut. There was a family with a girl with the worst fake whine I've ever heard. She couldn't even keep her mouth from smiling while she was doing it. She was wearing a cute shirt, though: Anything boys can do GIRLS can do BETTER. Then I came home and filled out the papers the IRS wants on 2004. Maybe I'll actually be up-to-date soon.
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