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New Maids

I got another batch of books to the library today and took the mixed paper to the transfer station. When I got home, I put another batch of books in the rolling crate and put it in the car. Might as well kill my back on alternate days.

My cleaning company closed a couple of weeks ago and I asked around and one of my neighbors (also a bead friend) recommended Maid Brigade. Her condo's a bit larger than mine and her monthly rate was less than my monthly rate at my old company, so when I decided I should have the dust and cat fur controlled to some extent before the moving on the 9th, I called them. The single cleaning is more expensive and they have an hour-and-a-half minimum but the three who came were done in an hour-and-a-quarter. I had a coupon which took some of that off, though. There are areas that weren't dusted well and I've had to teach every cleaning lady to dust those, so that's not so bad, but they moved a small, mostly-empty bookcase and I didn't notice it before they left. I had to catch one of my neighbors on his way home to move it back for me. They also restacked CDs that I had in purposeful stacks, but at least it was easy to restack them because I remembered my decisions.

If I can get a regular team, I'll try them for the monthly cleaning and see how it goes. I don't want to have to follow them through the condo to get different groups to fix things every time.
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