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I Lost Something!

I never lose things! I finished my BFAC project Wednesday night (pictures tomorrow) and went to the workroom last night to get a really cool tropical 3D polyclay cab to start a necklace that I've been thinking about for weeks. I spent an hour looking for it, and I can't find it. When I cleaned up the workroom, it should have gone into a box with everything else I had out to use soon and it wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere else, either -- I even moved things. I'm really disappointed because I was so set on making this. I emailed the artist and if she can make me something similar in two weeks, I'll take that. Otherwise, I'll make something else summery.

The painter called last night, so I have the whole shebang scheduled from 7/9 to 7/18. There's a Sunday in there when it will be just me and the cats and I think we may really need that by then.

I saw the nephrologist today and my labs are good -- less protein spilling, so the lower protein is working -- but my sugar is 103 again and it needs to be under 100. Renal patients are at high risk of developing diabetes, and Ghu knows, I don't want that. I don't actually eat many sweet things so it has to be the Gatorade. I'm going to try again to find something with electrolytes that doesn't have sugar, and in the meantime, cut the Lasix in half and have only half as much Gatorade (I think this might have me ending up at the clinic getting an IV, but I'm willing to try it).

I went on to Anita's, a New Mexican/Sonorran restaurant. We used to have one here but it closed and the closest one is 45 miles away, near the nephrologist. I had a good meal, but there were eight teenagers at a table near me with t-shirts that said STAFF on the back and some kind of camp on the front and when I left, they'd already spent 20 minutes trying to figure out who owed what. We had the same waitress and I asked her sotto voce if they imposed a set gratuity for groups, because she probably wasn't going to get one out of the kids otherwise. They called her over to say they'd been billed for two red enchiladas and only got one and when she came back with the new bill, they were upset that it was more instead of less. Then one of the boys noticed the gratuity had been applied. I don't know what happened after that. An hour and a quarter home to AC and cold water.
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