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It's still hot, but it's only Code Yellow and I can go out in that. I took the trash out and went to the local True Value, which is actually a 50-year-old hardware store and kind of looks like it. Fortunately, a young employee asked if I needed help. He showed me to the glues where I found the one I need to finish my BFAC project and when he came back, I asked for dust masks and he wasn't sure what I wanted and I explained they were used in construct- and he led me to them, saying they call them respirator masks. Sure enough, that's what it says. There's going to be particles in the air while all this renovation is going on, and I'm going to need these.

Then I went on to the credit union ATM and the post office, finishing with lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I was planning on my regular white chicken chili and loaded baked potato, but there was charred meat smell in the air and I gave in and had a mushroom & swiss cheese hamburger. No more protein today!

I put a load of wash in the washer and should go move it to the dryer. I put in a request to My Plumber -- the wall & ceiling join above my shower has in the last few days acquired water stains and following black mold. It's almost certainly from my upstairs neighbor's shower, but it could be a common pipe. Luke says he doesn't see any leaking, but he is legally blind. I asked if he wanted to look down here and he did, but I never got him to look quite in the right direction.

I think I have conjunctivitis in my left eye -- reddened edge of eyelids, pain, eyes crusted shut this morning -- so I made an appt with the nurse practitioner for tomorrow. My doctor is off until July and an NP can handle this. I should be done in plenty of time to be back for the 4:30-9:30 delivery range of Peapod.
Tags: errands, health

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