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The Eight Deadly Words

A while back, someone posting to the LJ of one of my friends recommended KSR's The Memory of Whiteness. I looked it up and thought "music and math -- perfect!" Unfortunately, he uses the "Dear Reader" bit and a lot more infodump happens than anything else. I'd stopped reading it to reread Basilisk and when it came time to pick it up again, I thought "I don't *care* what happens to these people!" Fortunately, it was a used paperback.

I had a coupon for "Bumblebee Sensations" which is a small can of seasoned tuna, some crackers, and a plastic "spreader." I bought the Spicy Thai version, which was actually pretty good -- a little buzz in the mouth -- but you really needed more of a digger than a spreader and there weren't enough crackers. The cats were thrilled at the sound of a pop-top, but the chili pepper smell kept them from actually trying any of the tuna. It's a lot more expensive than just tuna and crackers, but I might buy another one anyway to keep in case I need to eat while in the car. Only 16gr protein for the whole lot.
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