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I had bookgroup today and since I kept setting the alarm ahead, I didn't have my regular Pizza Hut lunch. The group wanted to go out to Carabbas, an Italian restaurant, and since I hadn't eaten, I went, too. I had veal piccata (yes, I know it's dead calf) which I really like and hadn't had in a long time with a side of spaghetti pomodoro and salad. I'm stuffed. I may be stuffed until tomorrow night. I sat with the teenagers of one couple from the group. I know the teens well and we have interesting conversations. Our newest member brought her boyfriend and her son to group and they came with us to dinner, and I was pleased to see the boyfriend joining in the conversation at his end of the table. They each checked out next month's book, The Night Train to Rigel, so I hope to see him talking more in group next time.
Tags: food

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