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Basilisk by N.M. Browne

I'd read this before and recommended it to the group and while most liked it, there wasn't strong like. The ones who didn't like it thought it should be longer, have more background. Also, some thought it shouldn't be YA because of rape and torture. I explained that this was originally published in the UK where they aren't as picky about that, but it is the exact same book here in the US.

This book is set on another planet a couple of generations after the nobility has been deposed (and moved to living in underground burial niches, called the Combes) and the guy now in charge aboveground turns out to be a really lousy leader and his people actually have less food and lesser clothes than the Combers do (via treaty). A man comes up from the Combes and meets a woman of the town and together they find out that things are not exactly as they seem. They're in danger and when they separate to find out more information, she gets caught by the Chief Torturer and has to be saved, not just because people like her, but because her dreams can make a Contrivence operate to scare people to death. The society is fascinating.
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