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Bits of News and Medical Stuff

Morgan, you'll enjoy the answer to this question in a nationwide advice column.

A WashPost column yesterday noted that Bush's speech in Prague last week included:

"The most powerful weapon in the struggle against extremism is not bullets or bombs -- it is the universal appeal of freedom."

and a WashPost staff writer thought it was familiar and here's JFK's speech to the Senate almost 50 years ago:

"The most powerful single force in the world today is neither communism nor capitalism, neither the H-bomb nor the guided missile -- it is man's eternal desire to be free and independent."

Derivative work?

I headed out to the rheumatologist today and the mall the clinic is near was really crowded and I remembered that Sunday is Father's Day by myself. I had the right day this time, but there was something odd. I always stop in Cardiology and use their electronic scale on the way to Rheumatology and last week I weighed 351 and today it was 346. I'm wearing equivalent clothes and I'm pretty sure I didn't lose five pounds.

Anyway, I told the doctor about the top joint of the right middle finger being so painful -- in just regular AC, it was screaming COLD! OMG! COLD! and then I remembered I could increase the colchicine (good thing Charlie doesn't read this blog, it bothers him I take this) to every day and indeed, most of the pain is gone. She agreed that was a good thing to do. All my tophi are still the same size and in the same places, and there aren't any new ones. I pointed out that of my congenitally-curved fingers, the right index finger is curving in more and starting to rotate counterclockwise. She said that was the osteo and that counter-clockwise is more useful than clockwise.

The neurologist had wanted me to stop two of the rheumatologist's meds when I started the phenobarb and it turns out I don't need the klonopin -- the phenobarb is controlling the spasms in my legs -- but I'm still taking the flexeril every other night or so because of badly-cramping muscles and when I take it, I have to nap the next day. So the rheumatologist tried hard to order 5mg for me to cut in half and try every night (I'm getting 10mg and cutting them in half now) and the system kept correcting her to 10mg. She finally forced it in. When she opened my chart, she'd noticed that the neurologist had ordered a new scrip -- three pills a day because my blood only had 8.4mg in it which is too low -- so when I left I headed to the Manassas pharmacy where I found out that Kaiser doesn't supply 5mg flexeril and they would give me 10mg and tell me to cut it in quarters. I already have 10mg and a pill cutter, so I told him just to fill the phenobarb. When I got home, I emailed that to the rheumatologist.

I splurged on protein and had dinner at Olive Garden with the stuffed pasta and shrimp. I was seriously thinking about the berries & sorbet & zabione (except without the zabione because I don't like it) dessert when I remembered that I have the same berries -- straw and blue -- and sorbet at home so it was a waste to pay for it there. I just finished those. mmmmmm
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