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The Quiet, the Dream, and the Event

Yesterday was nice and quiet. I refilled the fountain but didn't have to pick seeds out or fill the feeder because I haven't seen the grackles for a few days.

I had a dream last night that I know is related to my work history which was brought to the top of my mind by a few rasfc posts. I dreamed that I was the scientist in charge of some kind of contained mission -- it wasn't clear if it was space, underwater, what -- and I had four scientists of different types working in large labs plus a secretary, change-the-toilet-paper job with a woman in it. The guys realized the woman was smart and started giving her some of their work and when they did, I decreased their lab sizes and increased her office size. They kept giving her their work, so I started assigning them some of her original work. They protested that was beneath them, and I got them back doing their own work and started working with the woman to get her to where she could be a scientist on her own.

Today I ran errands -- mixed paper to the transfer station, deposited checks, mailed a CD, and got groceries -- and after I got home, I booted up the computer and started in on the daily tasks here. I was reading online when I got the cotton-wool-separating-me-from-the-world feeling, like the world was receding from me, and I pulled back and got clear sight again, but I was a little dizzy and a little nauseated and when I went back to reading, I could read individual words, but I couldn't make them make sense together. So I shut the computer down and went to sleep in the recliner. I woke up about 6pm when I got a phone call (laminate salesguy to bring more colors for me tomorrow) and then I looked at the Post and I could make sense of that so I got up and signed on and could make sense of what I couldn't before. I emailed the neurologist to tell her what happened and am back to online stuff.
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