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The second estimator came just before the end of his time period and was less professional than the others and gave me an estimate that was $4K higher than the highest of the others. This guy was from Empire Today. I wonder if the prices are for fielding the next business day and if so, why they don't discount for not wanting it done for some weeks. In any case, I've picked a laminate vendor, so just one more paint estimator to go.

I had to be bright and competent with two estimators yesterday and I was really worn out by bedtime and then had muscle cramps. I took the flexeril, but woke up with more cramps a couple hours later. I didn't want to take more flexeril because I'd planned to be up in time to deposit some checks (I don't trust ATMs to deposit) and take the mixed paper to the transfer station, so I moved out to the recliner and turned the vibration on all the way down to the feet and that worked. It worked so well that when the alarm went off at 10am, I just turned it off and slept until 2pm! The checks and paper can go out on Monday.

I had my regular Saturday lunch at Pizza Hut -- best single-serve pizza I've had all week! There was a family there for a little girl's birthday and she was doing the manipulating whine & pretend cry when they came in. That's always a little annoying, but I also take it as a sign that she's not going to be hurt for it when they get home, which is good. She was wearing a bright blue top and I gave her a matching crane before I left.
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