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Single-Size Frozen Pizza Taste Test

Someone on rasff said that frozen pizzas are just as good as those at pizza places. Now, she lives in Ireland, so maybe she's right there, but when I bought one of each single-size frozen pizza at the Giant and tried them over the last week, I definitely didn't find anything close to comparable to the pizza places.

I bought cheese pizzas because I figured they'd be closer than other variations and I cooked them all in my toaster oven.

Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni - $4.49 - the pepperoni was loose so I took it off and ate it later. The crust was limp in the middle, although I had to cut part off and put it at the end to make it fit in my toaster oven and that might have affected it. Not enough cheese.

DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheeses - $4.39 - too much crust, not enough cheese, cornmeal annoying

McCann's Elio's Pizza Cheese - $1.99 - nice crust, but very bland. Maybe good for kids

Tony's NY Pizza Cheese - $2.39 - nice crust, not enough cheese, but lots of lovely garlic

Mr. P's Cheese - $1.99 - nice crust, rather bland

Freschetta 5 Italian Cheeses - $3.80 - limp crust, good cheese.

Celeste Cheese - $1.99 - good crust, not enough cheese

Of these, the Freschetta had the best taste, but I liked the Tony's crust best. Still, I don't consider any of these good enough to keep in the freezer.
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