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Semi-Doctor's Appointment

I don't think I've ever written down an appointment wrong before, but apparently I wrote down the rheumatologist appt as today when it was actually yesterday. Oops. I have another for next Thursday and I'm writing it down everywhere. This Kaiser clinic is just across the perimeter road for Fair Oaks Mall, a big mall in Fairfax, and as I was going out my usual way, I happened to look to my right and there was a Cheesecake Factory. My beading friends rave about the ones they go to, so I changed lanes and turned in and found a relatively close handicapped spot. I did what I frequently do in restaurants, which is to order an appetizer with a bit of protein and a small salad. I swear, it said "Small Salads" on the menu. It was a full plate and tall. Plus the "Buffalo Blasts," which had less bite than the salad's vinegrette, were giant and lots. So I had a couple of the BB, ate most of the salad (I tried one beet chunk to make sure I still didn't like them) and had the rest of the BBs packed up.

I stopped at my friend's furniture store on the way home and left the BBs in his office fridge and then looked for him to talk to. He was loading a pickup truck at the dock and when we came back into the store, it turned out there was another woman waiting to talk to him. She made it clear that they had dated and been intimate in high school and I was a little surprised because she seemed a bit high-strung for him. We all talked for a bit, then Mark got a phone call and she and I talked and then she left and I followed after a couple more minutes with Mark. He's closing out his furniture store because their rent was doubled and furniture doesn't make that much profit to start with. Well, it used to be his dad's store, but his dad understands the situation. Mark thinks he'll be done with the store by the end of the month and another month for the warehouse. Then he's taking a few months off to figure out what he wants to do.

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