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Marilee J. Layman

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03:48 pm: Theft!
Okay, only of my newspaper. Luke said he put it on my upper ramp and it wasn't there when I got up. Very annoying. On the other hand, he'd already read the Sports section of his paper and gave me the rest, which worked out well. A while back, we tried only me getting the paper and giving him the Sports section, but I didn't get up early enough for when he wanted to read.

My Office Depot order turned up today -- some labels plus some two-pocket folders. I need to change my convention stuff storage method. I've been keeping them in these cool red translucent envelopes, but the plastic in those has deteriorated so I'm trying something new.

I took seeds out of the fountain and filled it and then refilled the birdfeeder. It was nice outside although it's supposed to be 83F so I left the sliding glass door open and turned the AC off. It's easy enough to turn back on if it gets too hot.

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