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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

I got really sleepy yesterday after reading LJ so I napped for a couple of hours and read Usenet and Making Light. I was really sleepy again, but wanted to get through the WashPost first. I kept going to sleep while reading so it took me 2.5 hours to read. Then I napped again for 3.5 hours, waking up at 12:20am. I decided to have my microwaved frozen veggies (steamed green beans & almonds) and go to bed, read for a while, and not set the alarm.

This morning, Spirit started waking me up at 9am and she was sufficiently irritating that I got up and she headed down the hall and I closed the bedroom door. As I came back to the bed, I realized Giorgio was sleeping with Shiva and Giorgio does not like having doors between him and Spirit. I tried to convince him otherwise, but let him out. Shiva came and slept under the covers and then wanted out about an hour later. I woke up at 2:20pm. I think this will be a late day.

I've put up the new auctions and am ready to start reading LJ.
Tags: health

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