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Canned Chicken Taste Test

Today (and tomorrow) is 90F and Orange on the Air Quality Index, so I'll be staying in. I did pop out to the porch to take seeds out of the fountain and put more water in, and fill the birdfeeder as long as I was out there.

I opened all the cans of canned chicken, attracting Shiva's intense interest, and placed a chunk or so in separate places on a plate and drew a little diagram so I'd know which was which. I had my cranberry juice as a palate cleanser. Here's the results:

Valley Fresh - white chicken, water, and salt. The chunk was firm but had no detectable taste.

Swanson - white chicken, water, salt, and modified vegetable starch. Flaked nicely, but way too much salt.

Hormel - white chicken, water, salt, and modified vegetable starch. Firm but too much salt.

Giant - white chicken, water, and salt. The chunk was so firm it skittered across the plate when I tried to put a fork in, and it didn't taste like food at all.

So my final review: Ick! Ick! Ick!

I put the rest of the Giant chicken down the garbage disposal and put the rest of the others in tupperwares for treats for the cats over the next few days, although I'll try to wash the salt off first.

I finally heard from the woman at the Transitional Housing project -- she'd been clearing out her office and hadn't checked her voice mail. She heard about my calls from the person who gave me her phone number originally and who I had emailed yeseterday. Since I can't go out today and tomorrow, we arranged for me to drop things off Monday afternoon.
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