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Marilee J. Layman

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04:59 pm: Planet Earth, Disc 1
This is the first of the five DVDs by the BBC in their Planet Earth series. The Netflix sleeve has the wrong episode names and the wrong length (each ep is 45 minutes of geographic exploring and 15 minutes of how they did one particular part of the exploring -- I found the latter more interesting); the discs each have three one-hour episodes. This first disc has "Pole to Pole," "Mountains," and "Fresh Water." Dazzling photography with occasionally funny narration (who knew the Brits say "glacier" as GLASS ee ur?) kept me looking up from my beading all the time. I liked the "Fresh Water" segment best, probably because I'm a water baby. Shiva and Spirit sat with me for most of it and Shiva ignored it all, but Spirit perked up at the otter noise and the dolphin calls.

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