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The Silk Code by Paul Levinson

There's three books in this series so far, and I read the second first. This is the first book where forensic scientist Phil D'Amato finds a potential genetic plague that may be related to Neanderthals. The Amish turn up as potential help/suspects as well. Like the other book, there's a lot of suspense, death, and speculation. I liked most of it, but he interpolates a section set in 750AD where a young Indo-European man meets Neanderthals. That part of it is interesting. It's the long story about his travel that leads up to it that made MEGO. Levinson appears to be American, and his editor, David Hartwell, is American, but at one point, a character uses "a scissor" which is more common in the UK than in the US. Threw me out of the plot for a minute or so.

In any case, still a good book, although you can skim the beginning of the 750AD section without any loss.
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