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In the News

Dr. Mike Fox (loony vet) claims that the FDA estimated 8500 cats and dogs may have died from the poisoned pet foods, but I can't find any evidence of that on the FDA site. However, it turns out that an Ohio company has been adding melamine to the industrial animal feed they make. Still in amounts low enough not to hurt humans, but you wonder why they've continued after the pet food problem surfaced.

A Virginia Democratic Congressman, worried that Department of Labor cutbacks might take the unemployment centers in Northern Virginia, asked for a briefing from Labor to the Virginia congressional delegation. And Labor did give the briefing -- to the Republican members of the delegation.

The ACLU is suing a subsidiary of Boeing because they flew three CIA terrorism suspects overseas to be tortured.

An Iraqi whose father and brother were killed in the Iraq war has set himself up in a tiny Chicago gallery space with a remotely-controlled paintball gun so people can see what it's like to be shot at all the time. People try to hit him with the paintball and he tries to hide behind a plexiglass screen.

Today's Tom Toles editorial cartoon for the WashPost has a potent commentary on the recent Supreme Court decision on discrimination suits.
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