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The Birds and the Bees

We had another male mourning dove try to mate with a female dove on our porch this morning but the female didn't want to, and at first she just flapped away. Then she started flapping her wings and stabbing at him with her beak. Finally, out on the warm parking lot, she actually stabbed him with her beak. He just sat out there for a while and then walked back to the porch and eventually flew away. Who knew mourning doves were like humans?

We also had house finch fledglings, the cute little birdlets!

I took trash out, went to Radio Shack for a coin battery, dropped a book off at the library and a DVD at the post office, and then had lunch at TGIFriday's. I ordered from the small portions menu -- a half-rack baby back ribs and a salad instead of fries. The salad probably had just as much fat with the ranch dressing, croutons, and cheese, but I usually like salads better than fries. Two tables over from me were a young couple and baby with a marriage counselor. They were at the point where they were reading from lists of what they disliked about each other. Who in their right mind would have marriage counseling in a restaurant? And I don't think he was a licensed therapist because at one point when the wife said that when the husband gets angry, he shows it in violent words and actions, the therapist said that the wife isn't the only person who sees him that way, that other people do, too. So I think he might have been a church coach of some kind.

And in less dramatic news, I found some red colorfoil. You use this with a laser printer -- print what you want and then secure the cut foil over what you want to be shiny red and run it through the printer again and the foil that is on the printed part sticks, so you get bright red flashiness on those words. Anybody want this? The box has instructions in it.
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