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Headache & Errands

I finished LJ about 9pm and had not only the headache back, but that side of my neck hurt (cause or effect, I don't know) and retired to the recliner for an hour and a half. I didn't sleep, but I wasn't exactly awake, either. All three cats came, serially, to sleep underneath. Spirit used to sleep underneath the duvet regularly when she was a baby, but this is the third time recently she's done it and I wonder if it's because of the stage of her blindness. As usual, she curled up in my right arm and kneaded my upper arm (ow! ow! ow!). As soon as I got up, the pain was back, so I took half a flexeril, which let me get through Usenet and the other half of the WashPost and I took the other half of the flexeril before I went to bed. I was fine this morning.

I left a message for the woman from Transitional Housing again today, and emailed the woman who gave me her number to start with. I'm slowing way down going over train tracks, but I'm still uncomfortable driving around with all that glassware in the back of the van.

I deposited my check, took packages to the post office, and got groceries, then came home and paid bills.
Tags: errands, health

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