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Heat of Fusion and other stories by John M. Ford

It always takes a while to read something of Mike's because of the many references buried in the text. This collection was no exception, and I expect to read it again in a few years and find more references I missed this time.

There are only a few traditional stories in this collection, but there are many stories in verse form as well as poetry. Mike retells some stories in his own viewpoint, giving us a new look at them. He tells some story cycles in verse, and uses the Tarot to form the frame for some verses.

If you want a book of short pieces that will make you stop and think, this is it.

Also, I found another copy of this book -- good condition with dust jacket, one black dot on the top edge from being remaindered. I'm happy to send this to whoever asks first for the cost of shipping media mail, which would be $2.47 in the US.
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