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More Clearing Out

I finished the dining room last night, except for the things that are going to my brother (he's also getting some china dessert & coffee plates that our mother used when we had people over for dessert after evening church) and ended up with fourteen bags, mostly glass. I tried calling the woman in charge of the Transitional Housing to set up taking these over today, but she took today off for the holiday, so I'll have the back of the van full of stuff, mostly glass, until Tuesday. I went to get birdseed and had her put it in the front passenger's footwell. When I got home, I came in to get cool and have been out once to take more bags out and bring the seed in. I'll have to take more bags out a few more times, plus two bags of trash.

The mortgage company is sending a notary to the house tonight so I can sign all the papers and then the refinance is done!
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