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Marilee J. Layman

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02:46 pm: Errands and Clearing Out
Last night I cleared out the hall closet and the guest bathroom. In the closet I found my umbrella from when I was a little girl -- bright pink with roses -- and I'd just sent a package to the Williams/Doyle family earlier that day. I suppose it can go another time, and Sarah may have her own umbrella already anyway. I also mailed almost all of my BTSB (Bigger Than Seed Beads to The Portable Playhouse for their work with sick children and women. I was reminded of the blindness of people when I cleared out the cupboard in the guest bathroom. I filled half a garbage bag with bath stuff and I haven't been able to take a bath since I had the stroke. It hasn't kept people from giving me bath stuff.

While I was clearing out the bathroom cupboard, I caught my sleeve on the nails that hold the TP holder in. The builder didn't have them cut off or anything put on them -- they're sharp nails sticking out. I remember to miss the ones in my bathroom, but forgot about these. There was a three-corner tear, but it's a patterned top and I have fray-chek so by the time I was done, it looked like normal.

Today I had lunch at Captain D's (bad Marilee -- fried fish and okra), then picked up some coin batteries at Radio Shack. The last time I was at Radio Shack, the manager and staff were caucasian. Today, they were Hispanic and I decided to risk anger and ask if they were put in because that entire strip shopping center has turned into Latino stores and was told that wasn't it. I'm not sure I believe them. Then I went by the loan department at my credit union to have them fax the payoff on my home equity line of credit to the title company and the loan processor, then to the USP Store to buy a couple of boxes, and finally to the thrift store to take those things that the Transitional Housing folks don't want, but are still good.

I had to rest in the recliner when I got home and I still have my shoes on because my right foot felt itchy last night. I found five spider bites on the top of my foot and front of my ankle so my robe and slippers have been through a hot water wash and are now in the dryer.

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Date:May 24th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
Sarah so loves getting mail, and especially when we tell her it's from Miss Marilee. She knows that something fun will be inside it.

And she does have a large green froggy umbrella that she's really attached to. It covers her quite nicely and she's always looking for rain so she can use it (and run in puddles!)

It sounds like the house is getting a good cleaning. Kip has been doing wonders with our second floor and we now have a playroom/library at last and the other room doesn't look too bad either.
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Date:May 24th, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
Ah, then I think it will go to the thrift shop.

I just don't want to pay to have things packed, moved out, and held while the laminate is put in that I don't use anymore, so the condo is definitely getting a good clearing out!
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