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Marilee J. Layman

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Well, my neighbor and beading friend Marsha came over to get down everything from the top shelves of the kitchen and I'm in the process of sorting them and packing them for the different sites. I'm getting up every 15 minutes and doing some sorting/packing. I almost have the cats' heating pad empty, which will make them happy.

I also put up a cookbook set and my stereo/CD changer on Craigslist yesterday and the cookbooks have been picked up. The guy I settled on for the stereo hasn't emailed back, but I'll give him some more time.

My librarian/fan friend says Southern Living Cookbooks go like crazy at the library, so I'll take those over some time this week. This will empty a little bookcase I've had for years. It came with the set of Encyclopedia Brittanicas that my folks bought when I was a little girl. I don't plan to give it away at this point, but it will get repurposed.
Tags: clearing out

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