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Book Group and Dinner

We decided last month to go to dinner after group, so I decided to wear a skirt I bought two years ago and hadn't worn. Skirts have two problems: 1) they get caught in things, and b) no pockets. It's rayon, gored with different patterns, and purple. I only had real trouble getting in and out of the van, although I felt a little slutty without a slip (which is probably just my age and upbringing). So I could wear skirts to things where I'm going to sit a lot, but not where I'm going to do a lot of walking or carrying, since I had to round up a purse (I kept one I made years ago -- red, and my wallet, cellphone, and keys just fit in it). I also wore the sandals for the first time and I'm going to have to put another hole in the ankle strap of the left one.

We had dinner at Kobe, a Japanese steak house where the chef puts on a performance at the table, and we made a tactical error. One of our group wasn't sure she was coming, so after we waited in the anteroom a while, we went ahead and got seated and filled out a table. She and her son showed up about 15 minutes later. We felt bad, but couldn't rearrange at that point. The one of us next to her table talked to her, but it's not the same. So when we talked about dinner next month, we made sure to tell her.

I'm pretty sure I'll need a nap before I finish online.

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