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Future Washington edited by Ernest Lilley

This is a book put out by WSFA Press in the same mode as the other "Future [City]"s. All sixteen stories are new and most are pretty good. I particularly enjoyed:

1. "Mr. Zmith Goes to Washington" by Steve Sawicki - more of the aliens in the basement

2. "Indiana Wants Me" by Brenda Clough - a hedgewitch has a coven of cats to help defeat evil realtors

3. "Hothouse" by Thomas Harlan - an inundated and abandoned Arlington turns out to have a secret

4. "A Well-Dressed Fear" by B. A. Chapaitis - handling a presidential candidate with paranormal powers

5. "Human Readable" by Cory Doctorow - what happens when you let the network run everything (this is actually the best I've read from Cory, full plot, characters, etc.)

L. Neil Smith's story was as preachy as ever; he's as bad at that as Tepper.

This book is recommended, especially if you like Washington DC. I have no idea if it's for sale, their website has no link for it, but there is a place to email them.
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