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I Know Better

I've been taking garbage out from the cleaning every other day or so, but I know better than to take garbage out and do the grocery shopping on the same day. I did it anyway and had to rest in the recliner with the heat and massage when I got back. I did buy some unusual things today -- I had some coupons and there were some sales, so I bought six kinds of potted chicken for a taste test. I'm thinking I might be able to use the rice cooker to make grains & a bit of protein that doesn't have all the sodium that the soups and frozen meals have. I've never liked potted chicken, but I only spent $5 to buy all six kinds and that should give me a good idea. I had a coupon for a brand that came only in a foil packet and I went ahead and bought it, although it would have to be really good for me to continue to buy it because I can't recycle the packets.
Tags: food

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