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More Sleepless

I had another nonsleeping and writing ideas night. This is awfully close to the last one on Thursday. I'm not going to worry too much because I move to the 60mg level of phenobarb on Thursday and so far, I've slept a lot the first week or so of the new levels, but I wonder what will happen when I'm used to that. The most common side effect of phenobarb is sleeping. One of the second most common set is insomnia. I ended up sleeping from about 9am to 1pm in the bed and after getting dressed and feeding the cats, slept in the recliner from 2-6pm.

I got the impeller from the storeroom last night, put it in a bit of water in the sink, watched a couple of spiders crawl out, and plugged it in. It works fine, but I'm not going to deal with the fountain today; I've moved it to Thursday.

I filled out a "request form" for MyPlumber yesterday about getting the inlet valve replaced and had a phone call at 7:30am from an associated plumbing company whose scheduler tried to convince me that it was an emergency and was a priority call (costs more). I set up for Tuesday afternoon and we'll see how things go.
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