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Asimov's July 2007

There were only two stories that I thought were really good this issue, and one of them was from Brian Stableford whose last two stories were campy B-movie alt-hist.

1. The Trial by Brian Stableford -- a doctor running a trial with a monoclonal antibody that they hope will clear out Alzheimer's proteins finds out what happens when all those proteins get cleared out.

2. Bullet Dance by John Schoffstall -- death gods from all over the world teach children from a young age how to avoid weapons that it is their fate to avoid. The end of this is telegraphed from the beginning, but the writing is still worth it.

There's also a story by Robert Reed, Roxie, that is very affecting, but feels more like a reverie with parallel stories than anything stfnal. Michael Swanwick has a cute little forecasting bit.
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