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Too Many Ideas, Too Little Sleep

I was very industrious yesterday and I hope this is from the phenobarb and will continue. During the evening I had a box deconstruction event in the workroom. Things that most people go out shopping for, I buy online. I keep good solid boxes in a variety of sizes, but eventually there's too many and I have to deconstruct a lot of them. I had two boxes full of boxes and put those in the back of the van along with the good old bathroom stuff and old appliances to go to the thrift shop. I went to bed at a reasonable time, but couldn't sleep because I kept having ideas. Fortunately, I wrote them down. I was still awake and had read part of today's paper by 8:30am and tried going back to bed. I think I got to sleep about 9am and Spirit woke me up a bit before 2pm. I made the rounds of the public works cardboard recycling, the drive-in ATM (since I was going right past and I won't have to do it Monday for next week's money), and the thrift shop, and came home to start laundry.

I had an odd dream before I woke: I had a big airy "treatment" center where children came to be cured -- one for each disease -- and there was a virtual little girl who played with them. Some parents thought it was magic and some technology, but they were all happy about it. What they didn't know was that the little girl was distraction. I went into each room (starting with the easiest diseases -- the yellow room and the blue room) and picked up little disease tags from the air and ate them and then was sick myself, but the diseases were gone forever then. I was ready to go into the last and worst room -- the red room -- when Spirit woke me up. I told her I had to take care of the red room and went back sort of to sleep. I got most of the disease tags, but I was getting sick already and a little boy got away. I tried to follow him but collapsed and he was lost in the crowd. Spirit woke me up for good.
Tags: dream, errands

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