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Eyes Wide Open

I had my opthalmology appointment today, dilation and all. They don't give out the antigen because it gives people headaches, but I think I should be able to make that decision. My pressures are still borderline glaucoma and while a normal person would have longer to return, my prednisone-caused glaucoma and retrobulbar neuritis in the past means I go back in a year. No treatment right now.

There's a TGIF right next to that center, so I ate there to let my eyes close a bit -- a half-rack of baby back ribs and a salad instead of fries. I had steel-cut oatmeal before I left so I just have to have the required cranberry juice and Gatorade plus a microwaved package of veggies later. It was a nice spring day when I left for the appointment, but by the time I left the restaurant, humidity had hit like an anvil. When I came inside, my glasses had moisture condense on them.

Pulling into my parking spot, I saw a stack of boxes on the landing between my ramps. I knew what they were -- PetSmart (not unpacked yet -- food & litter, a couple of toys), BedBathSuperStore (my bathroom stuff has been chipped by cleaning ladies for a while (the cats never break stuff) -- it's not that I'm opposed to plastic stuff, I can only find lavender and green things in ceramic -- so I've been looking and finally found something I liked on good sale and it has a white background so the chips won't show as much), and the Zojirushi 3-cup Fuzzy Warm grain cooker & warmer. I can give away the smaller rice cooker/not warmer and the baby crockpot which I use only for the steel-cut oatmeal in the mornings (cooked overnight with the aid of a lamp timer). I put the new bathroom rug on the floor by the computer so Spirit could roll around on it and make it hers, and Shiva has taken over the box it came in. Giorgio is sitting on top of the PetSmart box and whining, so I suppose I should unpack that soon.
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