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The Capclave 2005 Chapbook honoring Howard Waldrop

This is one of those books where you open the front, read about halfway through, and then the words turn upside down, so you turn it over to the other front and read another story from there. The covers are by Carol Emshwiller and very evocative. The first side is titled "The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode in On)" and starts with an introduction of Howard by Eileen Gunn. There's a picture of Howard and we find he's moved back to Austin, and then there's the named story. This is one of those stories where Howard takes people from different eras and milieus and has them talk together. I'm not fond of this style.

The other front of the book is titled "The King of Where I Am" and is straightforward stfnal story that starts from a real incident in Howard's life and then takes off. I thought this was a great story, and was pleased to see that the Hugo nominators agreed with me. I'm pretty sure this chapbook won't be for sale, but you can find all the nominated short fiction online.
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