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Restaurant Tasting and Other Happenings

I went to pick up a half-pound of fancy chocolates at Chocolaterie Wanders to give to my upstairs neighbor for his birthday. The chocolate shop usually sells online or at gourmet shops, but they're just a mile or so from the condo so I go pick up. Then I headed to Mama Mia's, one of the restaurants on my list for potential brother & family visits. I'd driven by there before (they're in a remodeled old Roy Rogers building) and there were always cars there, so I was surprised when there weren't any today. As I pulled in, I saw a plastic banner over the door -- it's now La Flor Latino Bakery. I could have bought there, but it wasn't quite the plan for the day.

I went on to another restaurant on the list: Virginia Barbecue Company. It's a small storefront in a shopping center at a main crossroads. Their menu is too limited and the prices are too high. The food was okay. I did like the slaw, but everything else is better at Red Hot & Blue. Plus, they were blasting country music and weren't equipped for people to hang out and talk, so they're off the list, too.

My check was in the box when I got home and I had anticipated that possibility and taken a deposit slip with me, so I went to the bank to deposit it, stopping to say Hi to Mark. He says the going-out-of-business sale is going well (and they were loading a rented truck because both of their trucks were out delivering) and that's good to hear.

In less good news, someone I know from Minicon died yesterday. Doug was the compleat fan and slowed down a bit when he got ALS. Last year, he was Fan Guest of Honor, and I was dismayed to see how much worse he was this year. I'm glad he got out to Minicon this year, though, because I was happy to see and talk to him before he died.
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