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Mechanicals and Dream

When I got home from Minicon, the heat pump was dead. I had it replaced on Tuesday. The guys were very nice, but it's a big chunk of money. I headed off to the ATM after they left, and the driver's window went up and down irregularly and with no predictability. I took the van in to the shop that night and they called Wednesday to tell me I needed an entire new window sprocket and wiring set, bringing the week's repair expenses up to about $7K. They didn't get the part until Thursday morning and came to pick me up yesterday afternoon. I went to get my property tax exemption form notarized, but the only accessible entrance to City Hall had a big machine in front of it replacing the second-story-ish windows of the entrance atrium. I went on and did labs, bought cat stuff from PetSmart, had dinner at Chili's (southwestern eggrolls and a side salad), got gas, and came home and brought most of the PetSmart stuff in. I went back today and got the signature notarized and dropped the envelope off at the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

I dreamed that I was a teenager and there was a program for really good teens that we got a special cellphone and had to input the time every hour to check the cesium clock. Being a sensible teen, I knew the clock didn't need checking and the inputting the time was to make sure where the "special" teens were, so I turned down the program. They continued to press me to join, which made me wonder why they thought I needed to be tracked. On waking, I think this was from one of the Glorifying Terrorism stories and from one of TNH's comments on Making Light.
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