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Minicon 42 Monday

I was up at 11am because I had to go downstairs and check out and check back in again. The hotel's reservation system is not capable of having a rate change mid-stay, so I had two reservations. I had a bowl of wild rice soup in the bar since I was having dinner with Sandi and we were going to a steak place. While I was downstairs, I arranged for a cab at 4pm to take me to Sandi's shop so I could buy beads before dinner.

I got the Smithsonians I brought and went down to read in the plaza to stay out of the way of the maid. I got through 1.5 Smithsonians and about 1pm went up to see if it was done. The maid hadn't been there, and she had progressed from a room on my right to a room far on my left, so I called housekeeping. The person who answered said my room would be cleaned before 4pm and I said okay, but continued to read the Smithsonian in the room.

The maid came and said she would have done it earlier if she knew I was staying another night. Then the head housekeeper came in and asked if I'd changed my plans. I explained about the reservations; she said she would have planned to clean it last for a new guest, if there was one.

I did some more packing and changed to go to Stormcloud. I took the necklace I made for Sandi and the printout of my seed bead database plus a pull-sheet of beads I needed to refill. When I got to Stormcloud, I started looking for new beads, comparing to my printout to make sure I didn't get duplicates, and making sure I got some colors I don't automatically buy. Every so often I needed to sit down and rest. Sandi packed it all up and shipped it to me later in the week; the TSA x-rays think packs of glass beads are explosives and it's worth the postage not to deal with that.

We had dinner at Outback and I got a half bloomin' onion and the crab dip, which was not that good. I probably should have used my protein grams on the coconut shrimp. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. I think at one point we scared the son & mother next to us, and I apologized. I started getting sleepy and Sandi brought me back to the hotel.

I had my meds, checked my BP, and drank my Gatorade. Then to sleep.
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