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Minicon 42 Sunday

I got up and got downstairs in time to set the t-shirt table up by noon. The guys weren't sure I should bother for three hours, but I made as much money as I did in six hours on Friday. Enough t-shirts were sold that I was able to consolidate two boxes of the old t-shirts into one, saving some space. During the con I sold one of each chapbook (two of Jim Young's) plus ten of Walter Jon Williams' to Jeff Schalles for a reduced price.

Mark thanked me very sincerely and I went and had lunch at the bar. I got to closing ceremonies exactly on time. MNSTF, the club that runs Minicon, elects presidents for life. Since they want new presidents every year or so, the current president is always killed during closing ceremonies. The current president, jbru, wasn't there, so barondave brought a keyboard to the dais, accessed the MNSTF Wikipedia entry, and deleted jbru and replaced him with Lydia Nickerson. New technology meets old assassination.

I'm putting up auctions for a beading charity every Sunday and since I wouldn't be able to do that while I was at Minicon, I put them in the schedule the Monday before. I paid the $5.95/15 minutes at the business center to check them when they went up. They were all fine, but I'd realized the night before that eBay runs on Pacific Time and I'd set them to run at 6pm Eastern instead of 3pm.

The business center is run by a third party and is not very nice. The chairs are on rollers, the counter is too high, there are only mouses (it can take me an entire minute to double-click with a mouse), and the printers and telephone for tech support are too high for wheelchair users to use. I used the tech support phone to complain to tech support about this (there wasn't a button to push for complaints) and then wrote email when I got home.

My ankles were up to +4 pitting edema by then, so I laid down in the bed with my feet up on pillows and napped and read, occasionally getting up to pack a bit. I had my Gatorade, read some more in bed, and went to sleep.
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