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Minicon 42 Saturday

Like last year, Thorin Tatge set up a fabulous quest for medallions (1973 pennies) that were hid in public places in the hotel. There were clues in the newsletter, the Bozo Bus Tribune. Hunting had been mostly kids on Friday, but on Saturday, there were parents helping. I kept seeing small groups of people going by the table discussing clues.

After setting up the table with the chapbooks and the t-shirts, new and old, I had pretty good sales. I'd been really dry on Friday so I brought the tupperware I used for Gatorade down and filled it with water to drink during the day and that worked out well. I didn't wear my contacts the entire weekend; the hotel was too dry.

Beth came down from the consuite with pizza for those of us staffing tables for the con, art show, and dealers and I happily accepted a small piece of cheese pizza. After closing the table, I had a salad with very small amounts of chicken in it at the bar and headed for John M. Ford's memorial where people had really good stories. Then I went on to cakmpls's LJ party and met pretty much people I knew. I took the leftover candy from Friday and Saturday with me. While I was sitting on the balcony, I said "the hotel is setting up for something" and was answered "Easter brunch." You can't expect an atheist to remember Easter brunch!

I got tired and went to my room for a nap. When I woke up, I had my Gatorade and read a bit, then on to bed.
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