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Minicon 42 Friday

I got down to the plaza early so I'd have the sales table set up by noon. The new t-shirts weren't in yet! I inventoried the old t-shirts and money box and set out the old t-shirts and chapbooks. Other years I'd brought supermarket candy to draw people, but this year I took good candy from and lots of people liked it.

I'd asked Mark for an easel so a t-shirt could be displayed at eye height, and he made me one out of cardboard. I balanced it on top of some boxes. The new t-shirts came with a separate bag of shirts for the GoHs. The new shirts were printed on the back with the logo on front, so I put the back out on the cardboard easel and put out the rest of the t-shirts.

During the day, there were squads of pre-teen girls wandering around giggling and whispering. They were dressed consistently inside groups, but not between groups. The hotel also had a "Wealth" seminar featuring Donald Trump, Jr. and their attendees wandered over to see what was going on. One older guy leaned over to me and asked "Will Leonard Nimoy be here?" I said no, we concentrated on authors, not actors. I sold a fair number of t-shirts, but there wasn't a big push for these.

I had dinner in the bar and then arrived late to the opening ceremonies. I waited for my local friend Chris in the lobby, but it was freezing when the door opened, so we moved to the plaza to sit and talk. I got to see her son's wedding pictures -- there were 10 attendants each! tnh came by and I gave her Movement. Doug Wickstrom also happened by and told us he's getting married! tnh led the conversation between the four of us and when Chris needed to go, I went upstairs and had Gatorade.

I stopped by the music party that night (not realizing until I got the newsletter on Sunday that it was a private party) and sat in a bit after Nate left, but moved out when Jeff Schalles came. It was very hot there and I was dry again, so I went upstairs, had more Gatorade, and went to bed.
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