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Minicon 42 Thursday

I woke up about 1pm and stopped down at the gift shop. I'd had "toothbrush & toothpaste" on my list and crossed it out, but only brought the toothbrush. Unfortunately, the only toothpaste they had was mint-flavored so I just used tiny amounts and brushed between the gagging. After taking it up to the room, I headed over to the consuite, which is in a cabana area that overlooks the pool & hot tub.

dlacey was already there and we talked a bit before she got the news that she had to go find the chips guy and she asked me to wait for the coke guy. The coke guy showed up and he had wrong instructions as to where to put the coke machine and the extra canisters, but he knew they were wrong because he'd delivered the coke stuff here before. He had to take two trips with a manual pallet loader because the freight elevator was broken and by the time he was done, dlacey was already back with the chips guy.

People started filtering in to help unload the truck and unpack and since I can't do any of that, I went down to the bar and had lunch. spacecrab was at the next table looking through the programming on his laptop and sniffling every few seconds. I found out later that it has something to do with an ongoing problem, but he didn't sniff as much the rest of the con. I could have sworn it was Howard Harrison's back at the bar, but there was no cane. I found out later that it had been him and he'd had surgery on his brain and an eye so he could walk without the white cane and could recognize people from pretty close. Big change!

I went back up to the con suite and talked to others who weren't lifting and carrying until cakedit got there with the pre-registration material. I ran the pre-reg papers for Minicon 43 through the folding machine while others matched badges with papers and stuffed envelopes in numerical badge order. Then someone came to pre-reg and we found out that the sign-in sheets hadn't been printed with the badge number, so the envelopes needed to be sorted into alpha order. marykaykare and I did a bubble sort, freeing cakedit to have some cake and coffee and answer ongoing questions about registration. Then we ran pre-reg until cakedit was ready to take over.

Howard came over with his guitar and he played and he and I sang/vocalized for a while. Then spacecrab came to play harmonica. His harmonicas turned out to be flat, so he left. Then skylarker came with her new very nice mando and played/sang with us. The hotel turned the lights out on the cabana patios, so we moved to a room off the consuite planning to play more, but Howard was getting really tired (trying to change his sleep schedule so he could make the late music parties) and he and I ended up comparing kidney disease. I started wiping out about 1am so I headed up to the room, had my Gatorade, and went to bed.
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