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I didn't like this as much as the general population did. I suppose I'm not much for the ends justifying the means.

Two buddies start out on a wine country trip the week before the wedding of one. That one, Jack, really just wants to have sex, lots of sex, before he gets married. The other, Miles, is a middle school English teacher with a book at an agent. Early on, they meet two women and have dinner with them. Jack spends the next few days having sex with Stephanie while Miles talks books with Maia. Miles accidently tells Maia that Jack is getting married on Saturday. Maia tells Stephanie who tries to kill Jack. In the end, Jack is happy to get married and there's indication that Miles and Maia will get together (although the agent lets him know the current publisher has rejected it -- I can see why from his description). That's a pretty happy ending, but a lot of really ugly things happen along the way. Not my kind of thing.

I started out watching a documentary, "The Corporation," last night, but 10 minutes in, I was already bored, so I just mailed it back today.
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