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Marilee J. Layman

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04:53 pm: Say What?
The Education Department is having the Reading First program evaluated because of its failure. Guess who's doing part of the evaluation? Yes, the contractor who developed the program.

Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe's, lots of other furniture stores, are buying wood & furniture from China, who is illegally harvesting old wood forests from Burma and Russia.



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Date:April 2nd, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
Jolly Phonics is the way to go....

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Date:April 3rd, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)

Irony of the Week Award

I love that opening sentence: (emphasis mine)

The government contractor that set up a billion-dollar-a-year federal reading program for the Education Department and failed, according to the department's inspector general, to keep it free of conflicts of interest is one of the companies now evaluating the program.
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Date:April 3rd, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)

Re: Irony of the Week Award

Cute, huh? On the one hand, you hate to have *more* government oversight, but on the other hand, people will take advantage if you don't.
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