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Ice Cream! Spring!

Nathan's has opened, so I went and had a small ice cream cone today! That used up all my protein for the day so I had a caesar side salad and a baked potato at Ruby Tuesday's next.

I noticed daffodils, narcissuses(i?), pansies, forsythia, and early cherry trees blooming!

My friend Mark is closing his furniture store because the shopping center has doubled his rent. There's no way to make a profit on such a low-profit product that way and he's got everything on massive sale. I stopped by and he's going to feed the kitties while I'm away. The Hollywood Video next door has already closed, but a pastor came in while I was there to see how well the walls handle noise because his church, Victory Crossing, might take the space. The other stores in that strip are much smaller and may last.

Apparently lawmakers have decided that the ERA was a good thing after all. They're calling it the Women's Equality Amendment this time, and I bet a lot of younger women will think they're already equal because they don't see what's left from my time.

Remember the prosecutor who let the minister get away with a lesser crime so he wouldn't have to register as a sexual offender? She hasn't been fired, but her boss has taken all her felony cases away from her. I still think she should be fired.
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