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For Worser or for Best

The WashPost has changed some cartoons around -- no more Mary Worth, Broomhilda, or Cathy -- and added Agnes and Brewster Rockit. They tend to be of the same dreariness. On Sundays, they've added a new panel and a cartoon called Lio. Apparently one of the things that Lio, a small boy with a spike of hair in the front, does is mimic other cartoons. For this last Sunday, he did For Worser or for Best. I may have to look at the weekday panels online.

I saw the primary doctor today -- the hip xrays are fine, I can take small amounts of tylenol occasionally, I'm to get a bone density scan before we talk about a calcium supplement, we added tape & adhesive sensitivity to my allergies, and he put in a standing order for a lipid panel.
Tags: comics, health

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