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A minute or two...

I've been a lot sicker again, going to miss getting labs & meds today and going to the condo annual meeting tonight, but I'll manage.

I now have four books I've read to talk about here, but instead:

I was looking for something on Amazon early last Tuesday and right there on the front page, they had Kindle Fire (not HD) for $30 off -- $129. I shut my eyes and bought it. It's supposed to come sometime in the next week, but I've been reading about it. I'm having more and more pain holding things and while I like reading on my basic Kindle, the Fire will let me read more things, and since I have Premium (have had for two years, a good deal), I'll get a lot of things to read/watch/etc. free.

Oh, I had my hair cut four inches last Thursday, and it's back to about the same length as this picture, but, like I thought, there's almost no curls. I think I'm changing back like I was before the second renal failure in 1990.
Tags: changing back, hair cut, kindle fire, sick
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